A new immersive, cross-departmental class at California College of the Arts. Students work together with organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area to create positive change.


Secret Project Manifesto
If your dream can be accomplished in your lifetime, you’re not thinking big enough. If design matters, if design can matter, then this is ground zero for a revolution.

It is time to put young minds in the drivers’ seats of this world. We are challenging ourselves to take on the biggest issues, challenges, and problems that our world and our people face.

It is time to find ways to use the system to fix systemic problems. We will start small and think bigger than anyone has any hopes of thinking.

We are a small design and art school with big plans for connecting to the most amazing people and organizations in the world in order to accomplish what governments and researchers and companies and nonprofits cannot do alone.

We believe that designers are the flammable glue that connects all these things — and sets them on fire.

We are designers, thinkers, students, strategists, revolutionaries, and people who care too much to sit on our thumbs and wait for an assignment.

We will engage our school and our cities and our friends and people and companies and organizations and governments who have money and power and positions.

We are fearless. We do not know enough to be afraid. We will not take no for an answer.

Stand back. We don’t know how big this thing is going to get.

Electrify your friends. Warn your enemies. We have legendary work to do. Get on our bus or get under it.

The people of the Secret Project at CCA.


What students are saying
“Secret Project gave me the ability to learn how to be a team player more effectively. I got more ambition. The blitz process allowed me to see the value of stupid ideas, and how to brainstorm faster. I learned to think wrong and bet small. I’m more fearless now.”

“This experience was revolutionary for me. It’s been a while since I last lived through everyday feeling this alive. Life should be lived this way!!”

“The only downside is that Secret Project is wayyy too short.”

“I learned so many things that has never been taught in class; team collaboration, communication, how to think wrong.”

“Secret Project gave me more confidence in throwing myself into situations. I learned to collaborate more, especially with people who had skillsets much different than mine.”


Student Takes Secret Project Abroad / cca.edu


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Secret Project is inspired by Project M. Secret Project faculty are Marc O’Brien & John Bielenberg

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